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nekoboshi's Journal

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neko boshi-sama
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this is the journal of neko boshi-sama WORSHIP!

um, if you want to know of who this almighty cat hat is.... it is a hat that developed a cult following at the wonderful japanese camp "mori no ike" (shoutouts to mei, michi, yumiko, akane, etc!) and is being worshipped here at school. if you care to worship this almighty hat of great justice... join. neko boshi-sama blesses you one thousand fold.

in other words, this is a community for a group of friends who are complete freaks :x
'97 bonnie and clyde, 100 cats, =w=, alanis morrisette, amusement, anarchy, angsty music, anta baka?, anybody but you, aol instant messenger, avoiding you, bad dreams, being easily amused, big pimpin, birthdays, bishounen, blissful paranoia, boobies, boshi, boyfriends, burning stuff, cat, cat girl, cat hat, catfights, catgirl, communism, comparing crushes, cults, dancing, duo maxwell, emo, english class, evil butterflies, evil plots, fake religions, fanfiction.net, fire, freaks, friends of the library, gay boys, geeks, getting in trouble, goo goo dolls, good dreams, guitar, harry potter, hat, hate, hating you, hell.com, hockey, hopeless crushes, how did that happen?, hyaku neko, indulgences, insanity, inside jokes, insults, interesting things, jerry springer, jimmy is the magnet, keen social satire, lake of the woods, local bands, love, love-love, mags + taiki, marmalade boy, marrying you, metaphorical chainsaws, minnehaha academy, misusing words, mr. glenn, mrs. westrem, neko, neko musume, nerds, not britney spears, not eating blue, obsessive crushes, obsessiveness, old skool, one hundred cats, online boyfriends, paper eater, posers, posing, publications, punk music, quotes, quoting things, random phone calls, randomness, ranting, religion, sacrifices, sanrio, scaring people, school newspaper, schoolchums, shipping, shrines, sick humour, skinny boys, slash, stories, strange dreams, stupidity, techies, techshipping, the 13th hour, the onion, the white stripes, tori amos, torturing hans, twins, untimely ends, volleyball, weerez, words of deep concern, worship, worshipping coffee, worshipping hats, worshipping nekoboshi, worshipping random things, worshipping shamus, worshipping you

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